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Find Creative and Artistic Inspiration from 2019’s Best Crafting Podcasts and Interviews

CRAFTCAST with Alison Lee was first heard in March, 2006. Since then there have been almost 1 million downloads. Host Alison Lee talks to a well-known artist in their field and gets right down to the how, what and why behind each artist’s works. Thousands of listeners have written in to share how listening in to Alison’s interviews has sparked creative and artistic inspiration in their work. From paper to metal clay crafts and creations, Alison surely inspires creativity to her listeners. As Alison says at the end of every show, “Get Your Butt in the Chair and Keep Crafting!”

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Talking with Arline Fisch

Episode #133
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Today I talk with Ms. Arline Fisch. Ms. Fisch learned to sew and weave from her mother and fell hard for the color red. Growing up in New York, she studied at Skidmore College, receiving her B.S. in Art. Arline Fisch is best known for her crocheted wire works. We talked about her love of […]

Talking with Jane Sassaman

Episode #132
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Today I talk with quilter and author, Jane Sassaman! Her quilts are spectacular, and the way she works is inspiring no matter what your medium. Check out Ms. Sassaman’s website, plus her book, The Quilted Garden. Also, new ideas, new books, and studio news all in today’s show.

Talking with David Huang #130

Episode #130
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Today I talk with David Huang, an artist and metalsmith who creates luminous metal vessels. I find myself wishing I could crawl inside anyone of them for a meditative time out! Awe inspiring! Also today, I celebrate the beginning of year number 5 of CRAFTCAST. My first show was March 14th, 2006, and I interviewed […]

Talking with Hadar Jacobson

Episode #129
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Today I talk with Hadar Jacobson, jeweler, inventor, teacher and author! Ms. Jacobson is well known and highly regarded in the metal clay community for her generosity with her teaching and her own line of metal clay products. With Hadar’s clay you have the choice to work in copper, bronze, steel, and stainless steel, and […]

Talking with Keith LoBue

Episode #128
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Today I talk with Stuffsmith, Keith Lo Bue. After talking with Keith I realized I might be a Stuffsmith as well! I’ve been a big fan of Keith’s work so there was lots to talk about and ideas discussed that got my brain humming along. Also, books, movies and music to share as well. Enjoy […]

Talking with Bruce Metcalf

Episode #127
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Today I talk with studio jeweler and writer, Bruce Metcalf. I had such a wonderful time talking with Mr. Metcalf. A big thank you to Bruce for sharing with me his insights and knowledge on the topic of “craft”, and I look forward to reading his upcoming book, Makers: A History of American Studio Craft, […]

Talking with Brenda Dayne

Episode #126
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Today I talk with fellow podcaster and knitter, Brenda Dayne the host of Cast On! We chatted about knitting, of course, and techie podcaster stuff, of course, and laughed and talked and laughed and talked and… you get the idea. Also, 2 new books I’m in love with and an update on a new LIVE […]

Talking with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Episode #125
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Today I talk with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, the host of the podcast CraftSanity. We both know how to talk the talk about crafts, podcasting and keeping our sanity! Also, books and products I love, plus an update on what’s happening here in the CRAFTCAST studio.

Talking with Diana Trout

Episode #124
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The holidays were wonderful, and it feels good to get back to work! Listening to today’s guest is a great way to start the new year. I loved chatting with author Diane Trout, and got inspired to start my own Art Journal. (check out these great pens I found while snooping around) Also, Diane is […]

Talking with Elinor Kapp!

Episode #123
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Today I talk with author Elinor Kapp. Her book, Rigmaroles & Ragamuffins, is a semantical visit to words and phrases that will make you think and LOL! Two of my favorite: Dyed in the wool and Frazzled Both started their usage as phrases used in the textile industry and have hung on today with meanings […]

Talking with Mary Todd Beam

Episode #122
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Mary Todd Beam, is a painter, a popular workshop instructor, a lecturer and lots of fun to chat with. I came across Mary’s book, The Creative Edge, and was immediately obsessed with creative expression through acrylic paint! Oh, so much to do and talk about. Listen in to my chat with Mary as she talks […]

Talking with Christine Dhein

Episode #121
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Today I talk with educator, author and jeweler, Christine Dhein. Ms. Dhein is the Assistant Director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, in San Francisco, where she teaches keum-boo and fabrication. In addition to writing articles on tool tips and keum-boo, Christine’s jewelry is featured in many books, including The Art and Craft of […]