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CRAFTCAST with Alison Lee was first heard in March, 2006. Since then there have been almost 1 million downloads. Host Alison Lee talks to a well-known artist in their field and gets right down to the how, what and why behind each artist’s works. Thousands of listeners have written in to share how listening in to Alison’s interviews has sparked creative and artistic inspiration in their work. From paper to metal clay crafts and creations, Alison surely inspires creativity to her listeners. As Alison says at the end of every show, “Get Your Butt in the Chair and Keep Crafting!”

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Talking with Jennifer Chin

Episode #170
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Today’s guest is jewelry artist and author of Hot Connections Jewelry, Ms. Jennifer Chin. We talk all about soldering, creating, and everything in between. Make sure and check out the Jennifer’s LIVE online class Learn to Solder and Create Chains.

Talking with Cynthia Tinapple

Episode #168
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On today’s show I have a  fun chat with polymer clay artist and blogger, Ms. Cynthia Tinapple. She talks about her trip to Nepal where she taught polymer clay techniques to a very receptive audience of female artists. Check out her slideshow of inspiring pictures. (see link in the show notes) Also, this week I […]

Talking with Nikki Hardin, Founder and Publisher of Skirt! Magazine

Episode #167
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Today I talk with Nikki Hardin, Founder and Publisher of Skirt! Magazine. She is a writer, editor, and blue Kentucky girl exiled in South Carolina. Listen in on our talk about living the creative life and how she started her magazine. Also, a fabulous new how-to jewelry making book you will love and a new […]

Talking with Hazel Wheaton

Episode #166
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Today I talk with the editor of Art Jewelry Magazine, Hazel Wheaton. We talked about the challenges of editing a magazine, the market for crafts today, and how the price of precious metals have affected our creative expression. Plus, I have some new books I love and a “diet” plan for finding more time to […]

Talking with Bruce Pepich

Episode #165
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Today I talk with Mr. Bruce Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections at the Racine Art Museum. Listen to his exciting news and hear all about the boundary breaking exhibition of polymer art that opens this month. “Did you make use of all this wonderful opportunity that exists on the globe where you were […]

Talking with Julia Usher

Episode #164
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Today I talk with baker and author, Julia Usher author of “Cookie Swap” and coming in November “Ultimate Cookies“. Julia is on the cutting edge of what’s next in baking trends, and 3D cookies is it. I was very inspired after talking to Julia to get back in the kitchen and experiment. I also have […]

Talking with Janet Echelman

Episode #163
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Today I talk with public works artist Janet Echelman. I first came across Ms. Echelman listening to her Ted Talks called “Taking Imagination Seriously“. It inspired me to want to get to know this innovative woman more. Don’t miss hearing Janet’s creative journey and the discoveries she’s had along the way.  

Talking with Todd Henry

Episode #162
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Today I talk with Todd Henry, author of “The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice”. Lots of great information about how to get your personal creative process one you can count on again and again. Also, 2 interesting new apps I love and a book you will want to hear about.

Talking with Michelle Ward

Episode #161
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Today I talk with the “WhenI Grow Up” coach, Michelle Ward. Lots to learn about the art of coaching. Also, some new apps I love plus a great new knitting book.

Talking with Terry Kovalcik

Episode #160
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Today’s guest is illustrator and metal clay artist, Terry Kovalcik You’ll love his take on creativity and where he gets his creative mojo. Check out Terry’s site HERE for lots of visual treats. Also today, I have 2 new books to share, plus all the news here from the CRAFTCAST studio.  

Talking with Jo Packham

Episode #159
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Today I talk with Jo Packham, one of the most established and notable figures in the how-to publishing industry. As a successful co-publisher, Editor-in-Chief, business owner, designer, and photo stylist, Jo brings 28 years of business experience, creative expertise, and a personal sense of style into everything that she does. Make sure and check out […]