The BIG SNOW of 2016

January 24, 2016 | [read_meter] read

Yesterday’s snow was really really fun. Of course I got to stay cozy inside with the fire place going.

I feel for those whose job it is to work outside in that type of weather, like Alex who plows my driveway. Thank you Alex. 🙂

Today is again spectacular with blue skies and clean white snow. I walked my dog and neighbors were out shoveling sidewalks and we all talked and were real neighborly. I love how weather can bring out taking the time to chat with each other.

I really enjoyed the snow day.
I rediscovered my kitchen and made cardamom cookies. I even ground my own cardamon! ( i was dying to use a beautiful mortar and pestle I had on the upper shelf!) And I have to say, grinding your own is so much better tasting than the kind you get in a spice jar.

I also got inspired to make a soup. Chickpea Misa Noodle Soup. One of my absolute favorites to eat and easy to make.
Here is the recipe:

1T olive oil
1 shallot, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 cups vegetable broth + 1 cup water
1.5 cups cooked & drained chickpeas (1 can)
½ cup (uncooked) quinoa elbow pasta
2 cups chopped kale
a few squeezes of lemon
2 tablespoons white or shiro miso + a few tablespoons warm water
optional – grating of pecorino cheese
salt, pepper, to taste
Heat oil in a medium sized pot over low heat. Add the chopped shallot and garlic, a pinch of salt. Cook for a few minutes until they slowly become translucent.
Add the broth and water and simmer for 20-30 minutes.
Optional step: (for a very clear soup) strain out the shallot & garlic pieces.
Add the chickpeas, pasta, kale and cook until the noodles are tender and cooked through. Reduce heat to low.
In a small bowl, whisk the miso with a few tablespoons warm water until the miso is incorporated and not clumpy. Stir half the miso-water into the soup along with a squeeze of lemon. Taste. If your soup is not salty enough, add the rest of the miso water. Add more lemon, salt and pepper to taste.
Serve hot with crusty bread and pecorino cheese, if desired.

What the weather is doing is no longer dominating all media, both online and TV/Radio, which actually was a lovely break from what we normally see and hear.
I hope all of you who read this had a safe and lovely snow day as well.

I’m running a sale.
25% off your entire purchase.
Snow is a great excuse to spend time in your studio playing….. or at least that’s how i think.
There are so many amazing classes to choose from .
I’m working on the 3D wrap bracelet taught by Helen Breil
Happy crafting!
ps. i wouldn’t mid a bit more snow. i really want to do Claire Mansell’s class too!
pps. i always keep a reminder on my work table that Spring is coming soon.

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  • Your classes are just amazing and I have learned sooo much from Cindy Pope’s classes on the Silhouette machines. She breaks it down so any beginner can learn. I didn’t take my Curio out of the box for a year until I watched her class. Now I’m addicted

    Beth B
  • Thank you for the informational class last night, and for the notes, it looks like a great product to work with. Best Wishes,

  • You are a truly generous soul to share so much with the community. I am constantly impressed by the extra effort you put into everything you do. A true inspiration. 

    Bridget D.