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August 31, 2022 | [read_meter] read

I am so inspired after tonight’s class. I felt like I have been in a rut and didn’t know what creative direction to do with my polymer clay. Now Helen opens a new world of textures and layered colors… can’t wait to explore.

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Learn to make Polymer Clay Wrap Bracelets

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  • Your classes are just amazing and I have learned sooo much from Cindy Pope’s classes on the Silhouette machines. She breaks it down so any beginner can learn. I didn’t take my Curio out of the box for a year until I watched her class. Now I’m addicted

    Beth B
  • Thank you for the informational class last night, and for the notes, it looks like a great product to work with. Best Wishes,

  • You are a truly generous soul to share so much with the community. I am constantly impressed by the extra effort you put into everything you do. A true inspiration. 

    Bridget D.