Summer Out. Fall display In.

October 7, 2019 | [read_meter] read

The weather has been unseasonably warm here, so I wasn’t in the mood for changing out the summer plant display at my front door.
But then yesterday the weather changed and it finally felt like old fashioned fall, sweatshirt weather and apple cider donuts.
First, I cut the last of the zinnias and cut flowers. I love having a cutting garden.
Then off I went to Stew Leonard’s. It’s a local shopping conglomerate that has food, garden supplies, and even a petting zoo.
They had the best deal on pumpkins.
I loaded up my cart.
Almost had a “falling pumpkin” accident, but caught it just in time.
My pots of annuals got moved to the back of the house. They really did well this summer. I guess the southern light was perfect for them. The first frost is still a way off, but eventually, it will happen.

I’ve had the wagon and the wooden box forever. They work great for holding all types of holiday decor. I actually have big clear containers where I store all the different props and goodies for different holidays. I love having supplies on hand.
If you saw me in motion though, I’m sure you would laugh.
I had unloaded all the goodies from the car the night before and in the morning walked outside holding my coffee, still wearing PJs, to survey my purchases. And then of course, just started arranging. About an hour and a half later, fall had arrived at my front door.
And it was time for another cup of coffee and maybe a change from PJs.
Here are a few pictures of the new arrangements.

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    Beth B
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  • You are a truly generous soul to share so much with the community. I am constantly impressed by the extra effort you put into everything you do. A true inspiration. 

    Bridget D.