Talking with Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee

Talking with Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee

Episode #154

Today I talk with Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee, song and voice coaches on American Idol. Hear what goes on getting contestants ready to go LIVE in front of millions each week.

Also, learn how YOU can get coached by these experts!

Plus, lots of other CRAFTCAST news, including a don’t miss movie, an inspiring new “decore” book, and where to get Parisian Romance Fruit Tea that I’ve been drinking non-stop. (and no you don’t have to go to Paris)

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What people are saying

  • Your classes are just amazing and I have learned sooo much from Cindy Pope’s classes on the Silhouette machines. She breaks it down so any beginner can learn. I didn’t take my Curio out of the box for a year until I watched her class. Now I’m addicted

    Beth B
  • Thank you for the informational class last night, and for the notes, it looks like a great product to work with. Best Wishes,

  • You are a truly generous soul to share so much with the community. I am constantly impressed by the extra effort you put into everything you do. A true inspiration. 

    Bridget D.